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Hi, I’m Joel from In this lesson, I’m going to talk about the word “tipsy.”

In Spanish,“tipsy” is translated as “achispado” or “alegre.” It’s when you start drinking alcohol, wine, beer; and you start to feel good, you start to feel happy... But you are not drunk yet.

So, without drinking anything, I’m normal. And then I drink a couple beers or a glass of wine, and now I feel good, I feel happy, but I’m not drunk. So, you get tipsy before you’re drunk. So when you’re tipsy, you feel good. You feel happy, but you still have control of yourself. And then if you continue to drink more, then you get drunk and you lose control.

Okay, so let me give you a couple of example sentences:

“Sometimes I get tipsy, but I never get drunk.”

“John looked a little bit tipsy last night.”

“Have you ever gotten tipsy?”

Okay, well I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and that you have a new word in your English vocabulary. Don’t forget to check out for more video lessons, my mp3 conversational course, or you can schedule a private English lesson with me on Skype.

Thanks for watching.


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