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Hey this is Joel from In this lesson, I want to talk about a useful and unique word. The word is, “picky.”

“Picky” comes from the word “pick,” which means to choose. It would be “escoger” or “elegir” in Spanish.

So, if you’re picky, then that means you are very selective. It means that you want things a certain way, and if you don’t get things the way you want them, then you’re not happy.

In Spanish, the translation of “picky” would be something like quisquilloso, meticuloso, or exigente.

Now I’m going to give you some more examples.

You can be picky about a car that you’re buying... if you want you car to have specific features and you won’t be satisfied with anything else.

You can be picky with certain brands of food that you buy. You may only like certain brands of cereal, and the others you don’t like, even though they’re almost the same in quality.

It’s also common for children to be picky with what they eat, and even adults sometimes. Sometimes I’m picky about the food that I eat. So, someone could be picky about their food if they don’t like certain foods, or if they don’t like their foods to touch on the same plate.

There are lots of different ways you can use the word “picky.” It’s an adjective, and so a person is picky. “I’m picky.” “You’re picky.” “My wife is picky.” “My friend is picky.” It’s not too hard.

Well, I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and that you can start using this word when it’s necessary.

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Thanks for watching.


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