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Hey this is Joel from I want to talk about the word iron – I-R-O-N.

In Spanish, iron can have 2 different meanings. It can be the metal, hierro, and it also can be used as the verb “planchar.” I want to make sure that you guys understand how to pronounce the word. It’s spelled I-R-O-N and so a lot of people mispronounce the word and they say “ir-ron”. That’s not right. You should pronounce it “I-ern”.

Ok, so just keep that in mind. So iron can have 2 meanings. One is “hierro,” which is the metal. It can be used in the context of a metal, such as a pot.

“The pot is made out of iron” – “La olla es hecha de hierro”

And it also can be used as a vitamin, such as a vitamin that’s found in food. I can say, “This food has a lot of iron” – “Esta comida tiene mucho hierro.” And as a verb, it’s “planchar.”

So, I can say, “I don’t want to iron today” – “No quiero planchar hoy”

You can also use the gerund – ironing. You just add “-ing” – ironing.

“I don’t like ironing” – “No me gusta planchar”

Well, I hope that this helps you. Of course, you can look this word up in the dictionary, but I want to make sure you got the pronunciation right – iron (I-ern), not ir-ron. I hope you can hear the difference there.

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Alright, thanks for watching. And don’t forget, practice your English. Practice makes perfect.


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