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Hey this is Joel from Http:// In this lesson, I want to talk about a useful word, the word “bug.”

The most common meaning for the word “bug” is an insect. So, in Spanish it could be chinche, bicho, animalito, insecto. So, an insect – that’s the most common way we use the word “bug.”

But a “bug” can also be a hidden microphone. If you ever watch a spy movie, maybe like Mission Impossible, they might put a bug... it would be like a very small microphone that you can’t really see. So they might put it in somebody’s collar, in somebody’s pocket. They hide it somewhere so that the person can’t see it, so they can hear what that person is saying, to spy on them. In Spanish, it would be “micrófono oculto” – a hidden microphone.

A bug an also be a sickness or an illness that is happening at the moment. So, you wouldn’t use it for the common flu or for cancer. It’s more for a stomach virus or for an illness that’s occurring but that doesn’t last very long and that’s usually not very serious. So, in that way, you can say, “I got a bug” or “I have a bug.” It means, “I have a stomach virus” or “I have a temporary sickness right now.”

It’s usually referring to something that’s being passed around at the moment, but is not necessarily going to last very long.

And also, “bug” can be a verb. The verb “bug” or “to bug” means fastidiar, or to bother someone. So, I can say, “My brother always bugs me” – “Mi hermano siempre me fastidia”. Or I can say, “Stop bugging me” – “Deja de fastidiarme”.

Okay, so as you can see, “bug” can have several different meanings depending on context.

I hope that this lesson was useful for you and that you can start using the word “bug” in different ways to sound more natural and more fluent.

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Thanks for watching.


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