Palabras Útiles en Inglés: Junk Food


Hey this is Joel from In this lesson, I want to talk about a useful word. It’s actually two words: junk food.

In Spanish, junk food would be “comida basura” or “comida chatarra.” It kind of just depends where you live, what country you’re from. So, the meaning of junk food is food that usually tastes good and is easy to get, or easy to make, easy to buy, but is not healthy.

So, some examples would be: hot dogs, chips, cookies, cake, ice cream, food that tastes good and is usually cheap but is not healthy.

So, I could say, “I don’t eat much junk food” – “No como mucha comida chatarra”.

“You shouldn’t eat junk food” – “No deberías comer comida chatarra”.

“Junk food is not healthy” – “La comida basura no es saludable”.

Well, I hope that this was useful for you and that you can start using this word when necessary to make your English sound more natural and more fluent.

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Alright, thanks for watching.


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