Expresiones idiomáticas: No way Jose


Hey this is Joel from http://www.InglesAvanzado.org. In this lesson, I want to talk about the expression, “No way Jose.”

“No way Jose” is the longer version of the expression, “No way” – which would be “De ninguna manera” in Spanish. So, it’s basically just a way you can say, “No.” It’s a stronger way you can say, “No.”

Okay, let me give you a couple examples.

“Do you like Carol?” “No way Jose. I don’t like her.”

“Do you want to eat some hot dogs?” “No way Jose.”

So, it’s kind of a slightly funny way to answer “No” to somebody – “No way Jose.” And it also rhymes – “way” and “Jose” – the Spanish name for Joseph. “No way Jose.”

Okay, well I hope that you enjoyed this lesson and that next time you hear someone say, “No way Jose,” you’ll understand what they’re saying, and you can also use it in your English conversations to sound a little bit more fluent and a little bit more like an American.

Alright, thanks for watching.  


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