Expresiones idiomáticas: To get along with someone


Hey this is Joel from http://www.InglesAvanzado.org. In this lesson, I’m going to talk about the expression “to get along with someone.”

In Spanish, this would be, “llevarse bien con alguien.” So, this expression, “to get along with someone” means to have a good relationship with that person. Now, it doesn’t mean a good relationship as in a very close, deep, intimate relationship. It just refers to being friendly with someone, having a good time with that person, not having any problems with that person. Everything is good. You have a good relationship, a good friendship.

So, I can say:

“I get along well with my co-workers.”

“My parents are divorced, but they still get along.”

“I don’t get along with my brother. We never agree on anything.”

“He’s a good guy, but we just don’t get along. I don’t know why.”

Okay, so I hope that those examples helped you and that now you understand the expression “to get along with someone” – llevarse bien con alguien.

It’s an expression that even a lot of advanced students don’t know. So now you have an advantage – you know it.

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Thanks for watching.


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