Errores Comunes en Inglés: Diciendo "in TV" en lugar de "on TV"


Hey this is Joel form In this lesson, I want to talk about a common mistake that a lot of English students make.

The mistake is to say, “in TV.” For example: “I saw the movie in TV.” That’s wrong. The correct way is to say, “I saw the movie on TV.” So, it should always be, “on TV.” I’ll give you some more examples: 

“The game will be on TV tomorrow.”

“My mom is going to be on TV.”

“There are a lot of commercials on TV tonight.”

So remember, “on TV” – not “in TV.”

Well, I hope that this was useful for you and that it will help you improve your English and sound more fluent and more natural when you’re speaking.

Don’t forget to look at my website for more lessons, my mp3 conversational course for download that’s fully translated into Spanish, and native English speakers who you can practice with and get corrections.

Thanks for watching.


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